Mystery of the visible

Highly Commended TasArt Awards 2014 (McLean McKenzie & Topfler Award).

Mystery of the visible - Living light
Mystery of the visible
Scott Bennett
Oil on linen
Private collection

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A Defence of Poetry

"For the mind in creation is as a fading coal, which some invisible influence, like an inconstant wind, awakens to transitory brightness" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

mondrian compostion
Composition with large red plane, yellow black grey and blue.
Piet Mondrian

Flatness is the compositional focus of my painting. While working on it, I kept thinking about Mondrian's grid-based works and his "primary" colours. I found the image above today (April 2015) but I couldn't remember if I had seen it before. It makes me wonder about the influence of subconscious memory.