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1.  One page CV
scott_bennett_cv_230618.pdf (46KB)
(.pdf 46KB)

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anne_with_mutt1500.jpg (508KB)

3.  Click to view large image
dad_large.jpg (1.15MB)

4.  Click here to download a large image
spring_frost.jpg (2.84MB)
(.jpg 2.9mb)

5.  Click to veiw a larger version of Bush Nympheas
croc_pond1000.jpg (1.88MB)

6.  Click to read the article
taking_it_to_the_streets.pdf (759KB)
(pdf 760KB)

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jumrum_web_lg.jpg (993KB)

8.  Bell Street
bell_street1000.jpg (404KB)
1000px high jpg image

9.  Click here to download an invitation (jpg 340kg)
Firelight_dl_final.jpg (421KB)

10.  Firelight Artist Statement
artist_profile3.pdf (603KB)

11.  Front gate
warra_gate.jpg (106KB)

12.  Summer Squall
summer_rain1000.jpg (457KB)

13.  Buffalo Diamonds
diamonds-1.jpg (133KB)

14.  Bright Bend
bright_bend1200.jpg (264KB)

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darkvalley_b&w.jpg (2.43MB)

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us_wind_close.jpg (326KB)

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us_wind_close2.jpg (187KB)

18.  Earth
us_earth_close.jpg (267KB)

19.  Fire
us_fire_close.jpg (167KB)

20.  Ground Swell
ground_swell.jpg (1.63MB)
(jpg 1.7mb)

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